Good news!
WSO now has an online selling platform for books, booklets (first time available online) and translated books as they become available as funds allow. The WSO website store retains more of the funds instead of paying a 3rd party like Amazon.

The Publishing Committee has been working with the WSO staff to make this happen.
This will help support our worldwide fellowship needs. Your WSO is pleased to announce the web store has been upgraded and is now easier to navigate with several new features which now include the ability for WSO to offer its e-books for sale.
We also want to announce the addition of several new “e-publications” to our online store. If you want to check it out here is the

The much requested booklets are ready for purchase featuring the Newcomer, Identity Papers, Cross Talk and the Good Enough Group. These are all available as e-books in English. Translated languages are on the list to be created as funds allow.
Also available as e-books are all 5 of the ACA English books. Those are the Big Red Book, Yellow Steps Workbook, The Laundry Lists Workbook, Strengthening My Recovery daily reader and the newest book and The Loving Parent Guidebook.

Finally we have published the Big Red Book in Japanese and Italian, the Yellow Workbook in Japanese, Italian, and Finnish as e-books and they are available for sale on our site.
There are other titles in production so please check the store periodically for new translated publications.
We encourage you to buy the e-books on the ACA website as we retain more of the sale price than when they are sold on other platforms.
We ask members to also purchase their printed books on our website store if possible, it would greatly help WSO as we retain more of the sale price than when they are purchased on Amazon.

E-books are compatible with both Apple and Android devices after downloading the flux player from apple app store or android play store.  Link for players will also be provided at checkout and via email.  Not compatible with Kindle. Please see below.Please spread
the word!!