ACA-Løkka 1 year: You’re not alone

ACA-Løkka are celebrating our first anniversary, Saturday November 2nd 2019,
at Helgesens Gate 62A, Oslo. The event is open to the public.

10:45-11:00 Welcome
11:00-12:30 Speaker meeting: The Problem and the Solution
12:50-14:20 Workshop: Reparenting your inner child
14:40-16:10 Speaker meeting: The 12 Steps and the 12 Traditions
16:10-18:00 Dinner break
18:00-19:30 Workshop: Step Work
19:50-21:20 Regular ACA meeting

All meetings and workshops are in Norwegian.

Snacks, fruit, refreshments and tea/coffee will be available throughout the day.
Dinner is not served but there are plenty of restaurants that offer take away in the area.

The event is free of charge. We encourage everyone to give their fair share according to
the 7th tradition (VIPPS/Cash). Funds will go towards covering event expenses such as
rent, snacks and carrying the ACA message.

We look forward to sharing this day with you! Do you have questions or wish to offer
service? Contact us at:


Ballot Proposals, Voting, and the Delegate Role

Dear Fellow ACA,

Each April, the ACA World Service Organization (WSO) holds an Annual Business Conference (ABC).  In anticipation of this event, all registered groups within the fellowship have the opportunity to create proposals of global interest that may then be considered for inclusion on the ABC Agenda. All pertinent information is being mailed to group contacts, as well as being posted on the Ballot Prep Committee page and in the WSO publications. If your group has not yet received this Call for Proposals, you may request it at

Mark your calendars

  • August 2019: Call for Proposals OPENED– groups can submit proposals for potential inclusion on the agenda at the ABC.
  • Register to be a Delegate at
  • November 30, 2019: Call for Proposals CLOSES
  • January 2020: Discuss how your group would like to meet to discuss and vote on the proposals (see suggestions below)
  • January 15, 2020: A Ballot containing Proposals is sent to each group for review and voting on whether or not they should be discussed and voted on at the ABC.
  • March 31, 2020: Deadline for voting (Ballots must be submitted to WSO)
If your group does not have a delegate, you are encouraged to explore this role by visiting this link.  Otherwise, the Group Secretary may assist.
The Proposal Process
If a member or members of your group express interest in submitting a proposal for the ABC, you can assist in crafting a proposal. You may begin by reviewing the proposal guidelines.

The Ballot Process
Before the Ballots are sent in January, discuss with your group how best to address them. Ballots are sent to the group contact listed with WSO. If you are not the contact person enquire as to whether or not they have been received.

Discussing and voting on ALL the proposals could take a lot of time. Although we would prefer to encourage all proposals be considered, should your group find discussion and voting too cumbersome they may choose to prioritize the Proposals, addressing their most important, first.

Here are some suggested strategies for managing the group voting process:

  • Set aside time to discuss a few proposals during or after the meeting each week
  • Use business meetings: Set an agenda item “Proposal Voting”
  • Organize an additional meeting: Agree upon a separate time (and possibly place) for interested members to address the proposals.


The Agenda Items
The Proposals that merit a place on the ABC agenda will be announced by mid-April. You may want to review those proposals with your group to ensure you are voting your group’s conscience. Keep in mind additional information may be presented at the conference which your group has not discussed. Your role is to vote for the good of ACA as a whole.

Then, during the ABC, discuss and vote on the proposals, either in person or remote voting.

After The ABC
Report to your group the results of the conference voting and your impressions of the experience. This may be a written or oral report, depending on your group’s decision.

Please note:
Teleconference trainings on the Delegate role are offered in the month prior to the ABC. All registered delegates will receive notification of trainings; the schedule will be posted in March on the host website

Questions regarding proposals may be directed to the Ballot Prep Committee at

Questions concerning Delegates may be directed to the Delegate Training Subcommittee at

There is also a FAQ page on the delegate role at:

In service,
Chris W.
DTSC Chair

Loving Parent Guidebook: Call for Shares

The Loving Parent Guidebook Committee needs your help. The Guide, an expanded, experiential book to support BRB Chapter 8, is nearing its first draft and needs fellowship voices to make it more accessible and complete. We believe this book will help newcomers and seasoned members alike.

We’re looking for help spreading the word (flyer attached) and anonymous shares on any reparenting experience that’s meaningful to you (how you made contact with your Inner Child, how you uncovered your inner Loving Parent, reparenting struggles you currently face or have overcome, etc.). You can make a major impact on adult children learning to reparent themselves and practice self-love, no matter where you are in your reparenting journey.

Please click this link for more information and to submit an anonymous share. You can submit more than once.

The LPG Committee thanks you for your support.

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