United Kingdom

European Committee Country Representative:  [email protected]

Country Website:  http://www.adultchildrenofalcoholics.co.uk


details are to be checked against records.

ACA in the U.K. held its first meeting in about 1982. It formed an intergroup covering the UK in about 1987, registering as what was then Region 20 in the early nineties. During that period we grew to c.70 meetings but like much of ACA worldwide, there was a decline through the first decade of the new millennium. 2 trusted servants maintained a phone line and the website but by the end of the decade, it was difficult to know exactly what meetings there were, and there were definitely less than 10.

The chair convened a meeting to re-start the intergroup and we met in December 2011, electing a new committee which has grown slowly. The first task was to obtain ACA literature at a reasonable price, which was difficult at the time.  After a year, using funds from a convention and having negotiated a payment plan with WSO, this became possible.

The fellowship has since grown to over 60 meetings, registered on our website www.adultchildrenofalcoholics.co.uk Though there can be a mismatch between our website and the WSO’s entries.


There are a few Polish Speaking ACA meetings in the U.K., and while they link to the Polish Intergroup, we have good relations with them and list some of their meetings. We also offer to list any English speaking meetings throughout Europe, if they so wish.

The U.K. has been sending representatives to European and World gatherings  since 2012.

There have been an increasing  number of events , retreats, recovery days, workshops, as the fellowship has grown in number over the last few years.