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For information about ACA’s recovery program and free downloadable German ACA literature, visit www.erwachsenekinder.org.

The meeting list for Germany, Austria and Switzerland can be found at https://erwachsenekinder.org/meetings/.


Intergroup Report “ACA in Switzerland”

As a very small country and at the moment as the only ACA Meeting in Switzerland, we can be proud as a group to exist now since 4 years. ACA Switzerland is going to celebrate in June 2019 its 4th Birthday.

Starting with 3 members we became a fellowship of almost 12 people who do share their experience strength and hope with each other. Apart from the Meeting, in our Whats up Chat, which is a close Chat only for the group, we share about the ACA daily Affirmation (Strengthening My Recovery) and are daily in contact with each other and the program.

Members are willing, after one year, to start step work and its beautiful to see our group so dedicated.

Switzerland does collaborate with Germany on the Intergroup level on the topic of Literature and is also present at the Convention held in UK and the Netherlands. We try to give our voice but as a small group we still need a lot of support.

It is planned to start in a few month a German Meeting. Now having some German Literature, makes it all much easier to pass on the message to non English Speaking ACA’s.

At the same Time ACA Switzerland is trying to work together with EKS Switzerland to convince them to also become part of ACA and to grow together as one Unity. One member already joined our group in Zürich.

Let’s see how Attraction, not promotion is doing its Work in Switzerland.

Best wishes
For ACA Switzerland in Service:

Veronica – Country Representative for Switzerland
Alexandra – Delegate for the ABC in Sweden, representing the ACA Zürich Meeting


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